Restaurant Report: 3 low performers, 1 even shuts down

Restaurant Report: 3 low performers, 1 even shuts down

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Both Midland and Odessa restaurants made our low performer list for the week of March 27 through March 31. Two of those restaurants had an extraordinary amount of violations, leading to one of them even being shut down.

Keith's Hamburger Station II, LLC at 8200 E. 191 Hwy. in Odessa was cited for the following:

- Some items not date marked
- No handles on some scoops
- No health permit posted
- Hand sink not clean
- No soap and sanitizer at sink
- Some containers not labeled
- Drinks in employee area
- Fried chicken not kept at adequate temperature
- Grease bin lid open
- Food boxes on floor

This resulted in Keith's Hamburger Station receiving 16 demerits from the health inspector.

Tortilleria Fabela at 1212 S. Dixie Blvd. in Odessa was cited for the following:

- No gloves while making burritos
- No food handler cards
- Floors/shelves need cleaning
- Baby in employee area
- Pots/pans not sanitized
- Food not kept warm enough
- Food bins not labeled
- Cockroaches present
- Objects at hand sink
- Sacks of food on floor
- No lids for food in hot hold
- Must use bleach on final rinse

This resulted in Tortilleria Fabela receiving 25 demerits from the health inspector. However, they did go back about two weeks later and everything had been corrected.

Shahi Tandoor @ Grand Texan at 4300 W. Wall St. in Midland was cited for the following:

- Tomatoes left on counter
- Chicken left on counter tops
- Soft lettuce left at salad bar
- Basket linens needed cleaning
- Open containers of food on top of store
- Food particles all over floor
- No soap at 3-bin sink
- No soap/towels at hand wash sink
- Counter tops/ovens need cleaning.

This resulted in Shahi Tandoor receiving 40 demerits from the health inspector. The restaurant has since been closed down.

While there were 3 low performers for the week, Odessa had several top performers with perfect scores. Here's a look at the top performers:

- La Burreria (3600 Billy Hext #100)
- Giovanni's Pizza (4101 E. 42nd St.)
- Arby's (3805 Andrews Hwy.)
- Manuel's Tortilla & Tamale Factory (1915 E. 2nd St.)
- Blooming Rose Bakery (2518 N. Grant Ave.)
- Odeli's (1349 E. 8th St.)
- Long John Silver (1918 E. 8th St.)
- Fat Jack's Bakery (309 W. Yukon Rd.)
- Stars #1 (3836 Andrews Hwy.)

There were no top performers in Midland for this particular week.

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