MISD releases STAAR test results

MISD releases STAAR test results

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Some good news on student test results coming out of Midland, the district said this year's STAAR test results are looking better than last year's.

"It's nice, it's a very nice sigh of relief," said Elise Kail, Midland I.S.D. Director of Accountability.

MISD released some STAAR test results on Thursday or grades five and eight, which were good overall. They compared them to the grades from kids in the same grade last year and most schools had some pretty good gains.

Two schools, Rusk and Long Elementary, both had improvements that far exceeded any other school in the district.

Kail said having this kind of improvement really helps after the year they have had.

"It actually gives you some validation for the hard work that you've put in as teachers and what the students have done," said Kail. "They get very excited about that. We've got stories of kids that have never passed before and have passed, the celebrations they're having with their teachers. So that's huge."

However, schools like Bush decreased in reading and math by more than ten percent each.

"Bush has had some new staff and new leadership this year, so there's some learning curves that go along with that," said Kail. "What we'll do is put some extra focus there and continue working with them and get them built up and help them become better."

But overall, the district's 27 elementary schools had 23 see improvement in at least one of the two categories, and this years group of fifth and eighth graders were better than last years in all but one category.

The district says those who saw decreases will get attention, but they are working on making sure everyone gets the proper amount.

The district just decided to close Crockett Elementary school because of low test scores, Crockett's scores are up 9 percent in reading and 19 percent in math.

Failing students will take the test a second time and if they pass, some schools could see their results go up even more.

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