Senator John Cornyn visits West Texas Food Bank

Senator John Cornyn visits West Texas Food Bank

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - United States Senator John Cornyn visited the West Texas Food Bank Tuesday afternoon.

Sen. Cornyn was able to learn more about all the partnerships with local entities in Midland and how they address hunger and poverty in the Permian Basin.

He also announced new legislation that aims to reduce food insecurity and poverty.

The Partnerships to Prevent Poverty Act aims to expand public-private partnerships to reduce hunger and fight poverty.

These types of partnerships have proven to be a success here in the Permian Basin and that played a role in why Sen. Cornyn wanted to visit Midland.

"The reason I wanted to come here is because this exemplifies the kind of public-private partnership between the private sector and government that I think has great promise of delivering help most effectively to people in need," said Cornyn.

According to the Texas Hunger Initiative, coordination with other agencies and non-profits through these private-public partnerships has allowed them to help an additional 500 million meals for Texas children in need.

This new legislation is about more than just hunger. It is about helping individuals and families get back on their feet after whatever circumstance they are facing.

"We've learned that food insecurity is more than just food. It usually has some underlying cause that needs some help to help deliver those services to help people get back on their feet," said Cornyn.

The Partnerships to Prevent Poverty act would establish a five year pilot program to help focus on developing and implementing comprehensive solutions to help individuals and families get back on their feet.

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