Family looking for answers after husband, father, killed in weekend accident

Family looking for answers after husband, father, killed in weekend accident

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On Saturday night, Robert Wilson of Odessa, died in an accident while attempting to cross Dixie Street to get to a 7-Eleven.

Wilson, 47, lived a life dedicated to his family.

"He was kind, giving, funny, I mean, lovable," said his sister-in-law Victoria Villareal. "The list goes on."

He'd go to work, come home and make the occasional trip to the same 7-Eleven that was literally right outside his bedroom window.

"Yeah, it was convenient," said Villareal. "Why drive the car just a couple of hundred feet away?"

Wilson's wife, Priscilla Wilson, said that extended to his final actions as he was going to the store to pick up milk for his infant grandson.

Odessa Police said Robert was not using a crosswalk at the time he was hit by the F-150.

Wilson and her sister, Victoria, said they want people to know that doesn't make him a bad person.

"We are all guilty of it," said Villareal of jaywalking. "Just because he was jaywalking didn't mean he wasn't a hardworking man, or he was a dishonest man, or he was quit to cheat or take short cuts. Because we've all done it. Don't be so quick to form a judgment."

The man who hit Wilson has not been charged in the accident but the family just wants to know what happened.

"We know something in them has to live with a part of this too," said Villareal. "We know it may not be easy for them too. We just want to know what happened. We may be asking questions to answers we may never get. But if they want to reach out to us, our doors are open, there's no anger, there's no hate."

The family said funeral arrangements have been made for next Monday so family members can get into town.

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