Family of Baby Evoni hosts fundraiser at Eagle Lodge

Family of Baby Evoni hosts fundraiser at Eagle Lodge

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - You may remember baby Evoni, she was injured back in October at just four months old, when she was dropped on concrete. Even months after the ordeal Evoni is still suffering, she has seizures and is considered legally blind.

Family and friends held a fundraiser Saturday for her medical expenses, but they also want everyone to know just how thankful they are for the help they've received in the past six months.

"I needed those prayers and I wanted them to know how she was doing because I know they wanted to know too,' said Evoni's grandmother Kim McGary. "So from the day one that she got hurt, we've had so many people who prayed for us and I think that really helped pull her through because I don't know if she would've made it through without all the prayers."

Lately though, the support has fallen a little bit.

That's where her friend Mary Bauman comes in, who met her this winter and has stuck by Evoni and the family the whole time.

She spoke with the Eagle Club, who's always open helping, to get the fundraiser together. But she doesn't take credit for it, instead points to the heavens.

"I've only done what God has laid in my heart to do, that's the honest truth," said Bauman. "I wouldn't be doing any of this if it weren't for him. And this is a little angel, and I know that she's got a glorious testimony she's going to share one day. God has not preserved her and saved her for no reason."

They said Evoni still can't see, sit up on her own or hold a bottle but does have a chance to take the shunt out later in April.

If you missed the fundraiser but still want to give by going to the Eagles Lodge in Odessa, 100% of your donation goes to the family.

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