Rescuer warning about buying chicks for Easter gifts

Rescuer warning about buying chicks for Easter gifts

(KWES) - Easter is right around the corner and you may be thinking about buying a chick to give to your kids as a present, but local rescues are warning about getting the animals simply for the novelty.

"In three weeks, they are not cute when they start losing the baby feathers and the fluff," said Carol Allen, a local rescuer. "They are sold to people that don't even understand the responsibility it is to have them."

The problem is many people end up not wanting to or being able to take care of the chicks as they grow up.

"It's an extra burden every year," said Allen.

Allen takes in chickens people throw away. This time of year is the busiest for her and her family.

"Every year I end up with more and more in my coop, in my run, more phone calls, more baby rabbits more baby ducks," said Allen.

Allen took her frustrations to Facebook warning people not to buy chicks if you can't properly care for them. She says the chicks are also sometimes dyed in Easter colors, but that isn't safe for the chicks either.

"The babies have to be completely protected from rain, winds, colds. They will catch a draft and die on you and it can be fine five minutes and you come back outside five minutes later and they are gone," said Allen.

She is all too familiar with what happens after Easter.

"For the love of God, please don't do it again next year. If you've already done it this year and you didn't know, just don't repeat the cycle," said Allen.

If you would like to donate or have already bought a chick that you think you won't be able to take care of, visit the Full House Farms Facebook page: Allen is willing to take in any unwanted chicks.

You can also personally call her at (432)-653-7078.

Allen doesn't want to discourage anyone from raising chickens. She is willing to educate you if you would like to keep your chick.

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