103-year-old Midland woman passes away before seeing repaired home after fire

103-year-old Midland woman passes away before seeing repaired home after fire

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Long-time Midlander Narcie Mae Clemons' home caught fire. Home Depot stepped up to help her re-build, but this weekend she passed away.

As Isaac Garnett looks at all the work done to his grandmother's home, he can only imagine her reaction if she saw it in person.

"It just wasn't meant to be. Sometimes that's how it goes," said Garnett.

Narcie Mae,103, lived in that same house for decades. It was her home until it caught fire. Renovations will be completed next week, but Narcie Mae won't be able to see them.

"We were all with her. She was loved and that's whats most important," Garnett.

Although her family is devastated about her passing, they believe that Narcie Mae was able to hold on through pnemonia knowing her house was being repaired.

"I believe it gave her encouragement we could use that and we would tell her the progression. She was excited about getting home and so yes, It gave her a few more days. Thank God for that," said Garnett.

Despite Narcie Mae not being able to live in the home she loved. Home Depot is continuing with the project in her honor.

"We are just grateful for everything home depot has done," said Garnett.

A legacy living on through a home filled with many memories.

"Do you think shes looking down and is happy about what is happening here?" said reporter, Chelsey Trahan.

"Oh, absolutely and she was happy when we were doing this and she was when she left this earth because we were with her," said Garnett.

Narcie Mae's funeral will be held next Friday, April 21 at Mt. Cavalry Baptist Church at 11:00 a.m.

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