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A broken TV doesn't always mean you need to buy a new TV

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TV's have come a long way thanks to today's technology. But one local TV repair man has learned that the new technology doesn't stop them from break down.

"It's just like anything else, the more bells and whistles you get on something, the faster it's going to break down," said Randy Trimble with Wilshire TV Repair in Midland.

Luckily though, it's still the same concept with these hi-tech TV's when it comes to fixing them.

"TVs are not any harder to fix than they were the tube sets came out," said Trimble.

And the good news is, the problems can most of the time be fixed by a repair man.

"Most of the time it's the power board, which normally we can repair," Trimble said.

So next time you're thinking of buying a TV, Randy leaves you with some advice.

"I always tell my customers, buy what they need. What they want. Don't buy something more than you need."

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