Gatti's Pizza looking to move forward as investigation continues

Gatti's Pizza looking to move forward as investigation continues

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Gatti's Pizza found themselves at the center of a scandal this week, with a rumor spreading online that a child was poisoned at their Odessa location on Monday. Now that rumor, is looking like just that, a rumor.

Thursday, Odessa Police told us there was no proof of drugging or poison in the eight-year-old boy's medical records and with police saying none of the witnesses have been able to give a description of the alleged suspect, making the story less credible.

We spoke with the president of Gatti's Pizza, Michael Poates, who said they've seen the news, but are still waiting for official word before making their next step.

"We really want to hear it from the folks who matter," said Poates. "That, in my opinion, is the police department, not the public domain. Once we hear what has happened, we'll take what I consider to be, appropriate action."

Poates said the company is not focusing on what could happen in the coming weeks.

Rather, he is making sure the company is doing what they can to cooperate with officials and to make sure the boy is back in good health.

"Our hearts go out to that child and additionally to the franchisee, who we believe has done an excellent job in cooperating," said Poates. "So this is really unfortunate, we hope to hear what really happened from the police and then make decisions on how we'll move forward after that."

For now, the OPD detectives are asking for whoever is behind the social media posts, detailing the alleged poisoning, to come forward and speak with police.

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