Memorial created for students who passed away shared at prom

Memorial created for students who passed away shared at prom

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Prom is supposed to be a fun night for all the students who go. For some Big Spring high schoolers, it was a chance to remember two classmates who passed away.

Addie Jimenez, a senior said, "There's no words to describe Dylan. He could just make anybody smile at any time and Shelly had such a good soul and was so nice to everybody."

Alexis Rocha, a senior said, "I miss him and I wish he was here with us."

Blantyn Gusman, a senior said, "I think he would be the prom king if he was here."

Dylan Lance and Shelley Lopez were supposed to be seniors this year at Big Spring High School and attend their prom but separate car accidents in 2014 and 2015 took the lives of the two students.

Courtney Myers, a junior said "It affects everyone. It puts us into perspective that we aren't invincible and anything can happen."

On arguably the second biggest day in a senior's life, Jimenez a friend to both Lance and Lopez came up with an idea.

"If not make them prom king and queen at least honor them some way at prom. So then I just brought the idea to a few of the junior class officers and they sort of made it happen after that," said Jimenez.

"We put their pictures up where they voted for the kind and queen and we showed everyone that they were there," said Myers.

For the 204 seniors, they know they will always be a class of 206.

"Graduation will be really tough without them but I know they are looking down on us and wish the best for us."

The memorial made for Dylan and Shelly was shared with the families of the students after prom.

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