Restaurant Report: 2 Midland Restaurants make low performer list

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It was a busy week for health inspectors in Midland for the week of March 6 through March 10.

Several Midland restaurants made the low performer list.

Ajuua's Mexican Restaurant on Cuthbert was cited for the following:

  • No washing of hands by employees
  • The counter tops, floor and refrigerator were filthy
  • Towels were stuck at the hand washing station
  • There was uncovered food in reach and some food was not labeled
  • There were scoops left in the flour and employee cups left in reach

This resulted in 27 demerits for Ajuua's.

Cotton Patch Cafe at 2320 W. Loop 250 was cited for the following:

  • Rotten celery stalks
  • Employee drinks were left at the hand washing station and the food prep counter and floor needed to be cleaned and mopped

This resulted in 20 demerits for Cotton Patch Cafe. However, a manager at Cotton Patch believes all the corrections have been made.

7-ELEVEN at 809 S. Midkiff was cited for the following:

  • There were no paper towels in the men's restroom
  • Improper cooling and heating for food
  • There was a trashcan without a lid
  • Hot dog bun loafs were expired 

This resulted in 18 demerits for 7-ELEVEN.

Meanwhile, there were several top performers for the week in Midland.

Some of these include:

Starbucks Coffee on Rankin Highway, Schlotsky's on Wadley, Little Ceaser's on Rankin Highway, as well as The Lucky Dog on Parkdele and Regal Tall City Stadium.

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