Projects to fix pothole problems approved by city council

Projects to fix pothole problems approved by city council

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Last year the city of Midland had their hands full with potholes popping up throughout the city.

Gabe McClelland, Transportation Manager for the City of Midland said, "We filled 14,800 potholes in 2016."

Fixing them also drilled a hole in the transportation department.

"The budget to repair those potholes, just potholes alone exceeds $150,000," said McClelland.

To make sure the city McClelland are ahead of the pothole problem council approved maintenance projects that would help improve the roads. One of them is a surface treatment to be done at selected streets like parts of Cuthbert Avenue, A street to Lamesa Road and from Lamesa to Front and Interstate 20. The plan is to be proactive with how the streets are fixed.

"We'll come in and treat a relatively new street after it's been placed 5-7 years and then put it on the cycle to receive another surface treatment in 5-7 years," said McClelland.

McClelland understands the frustration potholes can cause Midlanders and said with the treatment and projects planned for the roads it could offer a more permanent solution.

"We want our streets to be safe. If you don't maintain your streets they're simply not safe to drive on at some point," said McClelland.

From the nearly 15,000 potholes and numerous busted tires the city hopes the millions they are putting into the roads will give drivers a sense of calm when they hit the road. 

The city said the process to mill and inlay the roads will begin in May and are expected to last a month.

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