First Habitat for Humanity home in Midland to get a residential sprinkler system

First Habitat for Humanity home in Midland to get a residential sprinkler system

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland has its first Habitat for Humanity home with a residential fire sprinkler system.

The Midland Fire Department teamed up with Habitat for Humanity, the City of Midland Code Administration, and R&D Plumbing to install a residential sprinkler system they say will be the safest home in the Permian Basin. The supplies were donated by an anonymous donor to make this soon-to-be happy home a success.

"It's gonna last for the lifetime of the home," said Midland Fire Department A Shift Battalion Chief Drew Peters.

Residential fire sprinklers are becoming more common in newly built homes across the country. Sprinklers are installed in the main rooms around the home. Once it reaches over 150 degrees, it goes to work.

"It uses the domestic portable water for the house as a fire sprinkler system so you don't have to have an extra meter," said you don't have to have anything else," said Keith Dietderich with R&D Plumbing.

Compared to a smoke detector, a sprinkler system is said to come with a better outcome.

"Smoke detectors will let you know when you have a fire if you change the batteries but it won't do anything about that problem," said Peters. "This system right here will solve that problem. Normally when people detect a fire in our home,  they call our dispatch center, dispatch dispatches us, on the average, that's probably going to be 8-9 minutes. That sprinkler head is probably going to put the fire out before we arrive on scene."

The sprinkler is set to go off in the room where it detects the heat. It won't set off the entire system at the same time, preventing even more property damage.

"If the fire department comes out, damage done is about $40,000 per incident. With the sprinkler system, about $2,000 per incident," said Dieterich. "It's a lot easier to clean up with water damage than it is fire damage."

Although the system can save water, money, and property, importantly, it's created to save a life.

"Life safety, there's not a cost savings we can put on that," said Peters.

Residential fire sprinkler systems are typically installed in homes under construction but can be installed in existing homes. R&D Plumbing installs them across the state.

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