Ector County ISD proposes new GPA grading scale for students

Ector County ISD proposes new GPA grading scale for students

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - For almost three years, Nancy Vanley, Executive Director for Guidance and Counseling at Ector County ISD has seen a trend with high schoolers in the district.

"We do have students sometimes leaving some really great programs especially like fine arts. Kids that are talented would leave because they want to get a higher GPA," said Vanley.

Students wanting to be in the top 10 or 20 percent of their graduating class would rather drop those courses and get another course that is weighed more towards their GPA.

 At Tuesday nights work study meeting, Vanley suggested a new three tier ranking system. In the new system, students would have still have their core subjects like English, Math, and History in tier one. Tier two, would have pre-AP classes and dual language classes other than English. Tier three, would have any eligible AP, IB core and non-core classes.

"It will allow them to be involved in more things and not have to give up sports or take things pass/fail and that's a very confusing system," said Vanley.

Vanley added they researched how other districts dealt with this issue and if the district decides on the new GPA system then the hope is more kids will be well rounded when they are ready to cross the stage when it's time to graduate.

Included in the new system, the highest possible GPA a student could receive is a 5.0 before it 6.5. If the new method is passed, students entering the 9th grade would be graded using the new scale, current high school students will still use the same system.

Below is the new GPA proposal for students.

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