$1.17M in child support back pay collected in less than a year through new program

$1.17M in child support back pay collected in less than a year through new program

(KWES) - Tying child support to vehicle registration renewal is a new program that has been in place for less than a year and it's already proving to be effective.

Since September 2016 over $1 million in back pay have been collected.

$1.17 million is how much was collected in just 7 short months in child support back pay. Those payments were for 4,634 cases, averaging $252 per case.

"It leads us to believe that we likely exhausted all other methods of enforcement that we currently have and this new tool allowed us to target a population that has kind of evaded us in the past," said Annette Hernandez, Communications Director for Child Support Division.

The Attorney General's office said in 9 cases a payment of $10,000 was made. The highest single payment amount was for $54,000.

"It's important for children to have a stable economic environment to grow up in so that they do not miss out on any opportunities that other children may afford," said Hernandez.

If you're behind six months or more for child support, you'll get a letter in the mail giving you 90 days before your registration expires to make a payment arrangement.

The program was passed through Texas legislature last September. The attorney general's office said their hopes are to continue the program as long as possible.

If you're struggling with child support payments, contact the Attorney General's Office at (866) 646-5611.

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