Safe 2 Save App coming to Midland to stop texting and driving

Safe 2 Save App coming to Midland to stop texting and driving

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Texting and driving has become a serious issue among drivers. Now, an app is coming to Midland to try and stop those bad driving habits.

"Safe 2 Save is a free app that people can download that rewards you for not texting and driving," said Marci Corry, owner of Safe 2 Save.

This incentive-based app encourages drivers to stop texting and driving by offering rewards from local businesses in their area.

"So the way this app works is, you just pull it up before you're about to get behind the wheel and silence your phone and then when you're tempted to touch your phone when you're driving, a message will pop up that says It can wait. Don't text and drive. And with your settings correct, your phone knows when you're going 15 miles an hour or more and then after you've accumulated points, you get to use those points at participating Midland businesses," said Corry.

Safe 2 Save started in College Station, TX in October and now has more than five cities and 1,800 users.

"It's amazing to see how engaged these users are because it's literally changing driving habits," Corry said.

When the app was brought up to a local Midland woman, she knew this was something that needed to be in the Permian Basin.

"I think about how many accidents we have in West Texas and it makes me nervous honestly," said Kimmee Brandon, Midland PR representative for Safe 2 Save.

Brandon admits that she is guilty of texting and driving, but ever since she started using the app, her driving habits have already changed.

"Like I said, I was guilty of texting and driving, but this honestly has helped me. I don't anymore. Now I am much more mindful about checking my phone," Brandon said.

With a city ordinance in place in Midland and Representative Tom Craddick's statewide ban on texting and driving hoping to be passed soon, Safe 2 Save hopes this is just one more incentive to get you to stop texting and driving.

"This is just one more motivation, regardless of what county, what city, we want people to just not want to touch their phone while their driving," Corry said.

Safe 2 Save hopes to make its way to Odessa soon.

The following is a list of participating businesses in Midland:

  • Murray's Deli
  • "Note"able
  • Trio
  • Brew St. Bakery
  • Steak 42
  • Mac's BBQ

Many more local businesses are said to be added soon.

You can find all the information about this app on their website. Any businesses interested in joining Safe 2 Save they are asked to contact Becca Heidelberg at

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