Former player, current Lee coach, remembers coach Spike Dykes from his time in Midland

Former player, current Lee coach, remembers coach Spike Dykes from his time in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The longest tenured coach in Texas Tech history, Spike Dykes, was found dead Monday, marking a sad day for football fans all over the country.

That's especially true in Midland, where he actually helped bring Lee to the dominance it was known for.

"He's, you know, a father figure.," said Lee defensive coordinator Scott Hicks. "But he's just one of those guys that you run across in your life that you never forget and I'll never forget coach Dykes."

Before all the awards, bowl games and history he made at the Jones stadium in Lubbock, Spike Dykes was doing it here, in the Permian Basin, at Lee High school.

Hicks was a linebacker on Dykes' 1983 championship run team, now, he's the defensive coordinator for the Rebels.

Hicks said Dykes, though fantastic at the X's and O's, was more than just that.

"He made sure that we understood that playing football is like life," said Hicks. "The good and the bad of football transfers over to the good and bad of life and you got to learn to make it through and we learned to make it through and I think we're better men."

Although dykes was only in midland for a few years, Hicks said he thinks the winning tradition the rebels experienced in the 90s started with Dykes and if given the chance, this is what hicks would tell him today.

"Look at the tradition that you started here, the legacy you left here, the lives you've touched," said Hicks. "That's what I would say. Lee high school, I think that tradition started with him and think that tradition has a lot to do with that success that we did have under coach Parchman in the late 90s."

For most, he'll be remembered for that tradition, but for others, especially his former players, they'll look back on all the things coach would do for them as players and people.

"He was alwayss there to help, he was always there to talk to you and just, whatever he could do, I think he did for everybody he came across, especially his former players," said Hicks. "He's just a great man."

Dykes is gone now, but will alway be remembered at his home here in west Texas.

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