West Texas Astronomers host "Star Party" for community

West Texas Astronomers host "Star Party" for community

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - When you look up at the West Texas night sky you can see all the stars. In Midland, a group of amateur astronomers get together to look at them and urge the community to join in with them.

Mike DeShazo, President of the West Texas Astronomers said, "A lot of us do a lot of dreaming, we'd like to be out there."

Once a month, Deshazo and the rest of the club get to live out that dream for a few moments with their lawn chairs and telescopes at Hailey Park.

"You can see God's creation, hundreds, thousands, even forty light years away," said DeShazo.

When the time and weather is right the group looks up at the stars during their "Star Party". DeShazo said it gives everyone of all ages the chance to learn about outer space.

"Our children are curious about what's out there. We can stay here and fight over resources but man's always been an explorer," said DeShazo.

The club takes the time to look at the number of different objects in the sky. At around 8pm on Friday DeShazo and the rest of the group looked at the moon and when it got darker they planned on gazing at the stars and constellations.

"This is a small key hole into our universe," said DeShazo.

The group will continue to hold star parties once a month and the hope is more people will want to join in. They say everyone is invited too just make sure to bring you telescope.

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