Woman accused of hitting, bruising nephew

Woman accused of hitting, bruising nephew
(Source: Odessa Police Department)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A woman is being accused of hitting her nephew with a belt and causing bruising.

Odessa police was called out to a local school in reference to a possible child abuse on Thursday after personnel reported a 9-year-old had numerous bruises "on or about his body."

The child had been in trouble for misbehaving the previous day and was grounded, investigation revealed.

The aunt, identified as Danika Detlaff, 32, told her nephew to go to his room. After finding him playing with legos twice, she struck the child with a belt several times.

According to a press release, the child sustained bruising to his back area and arms.

After getting a warrant for Detlaff, she was charged with injury to a child.

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