Howard County Volunteer Fire Department fighting fires with technology

Howard County Volunteer Fire Department fighting fires with technology

HOWARD COUNTY, TX (KWES) - When you see firefighters on the job, their equipment is always with them.

But not all fire trucks are alike.

The Howard County Volunteer Fire Department can battle a blaze from a distance now.

"This truck has all the new technologies on it. It has a remote control deck gun that we can operate from up to three tenths of a mile away," said Chief Tommy Sullivan.

The deck gun sprays with a remote control, something like you would see when you're playing a video game.

"In a critical situation we can leave the truck and take the personnel and move them away from the truck and still do fire suppression by remote control with this gun," said Sullivan.

And staying far away from these types of fire is key, especially oil field and refinery fires that are so tough to put out.

"Safety for us in these types of fires is distance. If we're away from the flames, it's harder to get burned and so this way we can risk a piece of equipment instead of a life while we're fighting these fires with this piece of equipment," Sullivan said.

These firefighters volunteer their time, so distance gives them peace of mind.

"What this does, it cuts down on manpower. We're volunteers, there are certain parts of the day that our manpower is real short. So now, you can have a pump operator and other person on the remote control and you can fight more fires with less manpower," said Sullivan.

So don't worry if fewer firefighters show up to your next call for help in Howard County, chances are technology is also on your side.

Howard County Volunteers will be at Firehouse Subs in Midland all day Saturday, April 8, with the new truck. So, if you want to see it, go on out and take a look at the new and improved Pumper 10.

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