Sam Houston Elementary receives project from Home Hospice

Sam Houston Elementary receives project from Home Hospice

Each kids receives a small caterpillar and they get to observe them for the next four weeks as they turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

It's a special project not only for the kids for earth day, but it also ties into the 12th annual butterfly release and annual celebration held by Home Hospice.

"They have a lot of fur and they squiggle up and down every day," one kindergartener said.

Celestina Almodova has been a kindergarten teacher at Sam Houston Elementary for 26 years and has done the project with her kids each year since it very first started.

"I still have kids that will come from 4th grade, from 3rd grade and they'll say I saw a butterfly," Almodova said. "During the spring when the butterflies come out they'll come and tell me I saw her butterfly, I saw her butterfly so they still remember."

The caterpillars serve as a project for the kids to observe every day.

"Caterpillars are beautiful," one kindergartener said.

But Almodova said the butterflies also relate to the kids in several other ways.

"It's amazing, the whole process of the butterfly," Almodova said. "The kids coming to school for the first time most of them and then just blossoming into butterflies. Readers, being able to do addition, subtraction its just amazing, the parallel between the butterflies and the kids."

Butterflies are the national symbol for hospice and Karen Carter, Community Relations Director for Home Hospice, said the collaboration makes for a way to touch so many lives for all of those involved.

"It brings the Home Hospice, even just the word hospice into peoples homes," Carter said. "And it gives them a different idea of what hospice is and maybe makes it less scary for them to think about what hospice is because people equates hospice with dying, and its really about living."  
By the end of the project, the butterflies are handed back over to hospice for a special event to help anyone who wishes to cherish and remember their loved ones.

The event for Home Hospice here in Odessa is being held Saturday, April 29th, from 2 p.m. to at the Globe Theatre located 2308 Shakespeare Road.

The event is completely free and open to the public.

Anyone who wishes to attend to remember their loved ones in a public memorial and release a butterfly in honor and remembrance of them is encouraged to attend.

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