Dak Prescott's visit to Midland leaves lasting memory for kids

Dak Prescott's visit to Midland leaves lasting memory for kids

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - From the minute, he walked in he had the kid's attention.

Araceli Mendoza said, "It was my first time so I was really happy."

Sean Burnett said, "Amazing, wonderful, unbelievable."

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, the guy that many of them watch on Sunday's was right in front of them, speaking to them for over an hour. Talking about his upbringing, taking questions from the kids and most importantly telling them about the importance of an education.

"School is really important so if you want to play a sport you have to get good grades," said Mendoza.

"He said that when he works hard in school, his mom let him go to practice. Hopefully my mom does that so I can get good grades and still play football while I'm doing good in school," said Burnett.

The kids at the Halff Park Boys and Girls club were given life lessons along with the wristbands and t-shirts on Thursday. Because of that many of them hope one day they could be like number four.

"Grow up, play football, win, learn from my mistakes and do better," said Burnett.

Prescott was a guest at a gala for all the volunteers of the Boys & Girls Club of the Permian Basin. Organizers said Prescott wanted to make sure he met with the kids beforehand.

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