Coach Carrigan talks spring football

Coach Carrigan talks spring football

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - NewsWest 9 caught up with U.T.P.B. Falcon Head Football Coach Justin Carrigan.

The falcons season does not start for a few months but players are getting back in shape during spring football.

Carrigan says the teams defensive line is looking good.

He says the offensive line is still learning. Is coach concerned?

"No, I think that its typical in the spring for your defense to be a little bit ahead.  A lot of the time for those guys its just a matter of just go hard. There is some assignment involved and things of that nature but its go hard and go tackle ball. The offense is trying to get 11 guys on the same page at one time. Defense is typically a little bit more further advanced in the spring just because they react and play. " Said Justin Carrigan

This Saturday, the falcons will have its first full pad live tackle scrimmage.

Last season, the falcons went 2-9.

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