New "Golf Boards" hope to bring a younger generation of golfers to West Texas

New "Golf Boards" hope to bring a younger generation of golfers to West Texas

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Golf is typically thought of as an older person's sport, golf carts included. At the Greentree Country Club in Midland, they hope a younger generation of golfers would look to tee-off with their new Golf Boards.

Golfer, Kelsei Yow said, "Things have changed as you can see."

Yow is looking to get back into the swing of things.

"I started out young and then I moved here so I took a break. As I got older I realized I wanted to play it so I'm just now back into it," said Yow.

She knows the sport she enjoys playing can sometimes be more mental than physical.

"Picking up your head. Not getting your hands through. Just getting the ball down the fairway you want to watch where it goes before you even hit it," said Yow.

Now using the club's new golf boards, it is not only easier for Yow to get around its also easier for her get better at her craft.

"It makes golf so much more fun. It takes the mental aspect out of the game because you're more concentrated on this golf board and how much fun it is so when you do approach the ball it's like, 'ok I got to hit this ball now' and you're ready to get back on that board and go," said Yow.

Surprisingly the idea for the boards came from an older club member. They are the first of its kind in West Texas and could bridge the gap between players old and young.

Brian McKinley, Golf Director at the Greentree Country Club said, "When Tiger Woods became famous we had a lot more people get involved in the game and I think this is just another step in that direction. Golf is not a young man's sport anymore there's a lot of kids that play golf and this is just the perfect complement to that.

"It's kind of our generation now where we're into these rip sticks, skateboards, wake boarding and snowboarding and that just kind of brings a new thing to golf," said Yow.

It's these boards that could take golf in a new direction whether it's on the front or the back nine.

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