Is your search history private?

Is your search history private?

(KWES) - This week, Congress voted to get rid of rules that were aimed at protecting internet users' privacy. Many fear Internet service providers could soon begin selling private information to advertisers.

In the digital age, privacy online is a concern for many.

The rules that were set to go into effect at the end of the year would have required Internet service providers (ISP) to get permission before taking data from your web browsing history, as well as app usage.

"Your ISP will start projecting ads to you computer. They may show up in the middle of your page. They may pop up as a new web page or alternate search results that you get instead of the Google search results that you were looking for," said John Pitts, owner of MidessaTech.

Pitts says this decision is a step back for Internet users' rights.

"There is enough fraud out there. If you don't do it now, you may use the chance to ever stand up for your privacy," said Pitts.

Without needing your permission to collect your data, big name providers could choose to sell it to advertisers, something you may have already noticed being done by Facebook and Google.

"Sometimes you look something up on the web and then you see ads for it. This is going to take it to a new level by putting the ISP into it as well, which could increase the add traffic or redirect your web page somewhere else," said Pitts.

Pitts says there some ways to go unseen.

"Don't use main stream media channels if you don't want to be seen. Don't use Google for your browser your search engine. Encrypt your browser with a virtual private network," said Pitts.

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