Gustnado vs Tornado, that is the question

Gustnado vs Tornado, that is the question

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - They look similar but they are different.

Rachel Briers, NewsWest 9's Chief Meteorologist said, "A lot of the time with a tornado you'll get a lowering of a cloud just a bit. The tornado will actually form off of that cloud rotation. A gustnado is not actually forming off a cloud based rotation."

Gustnadoes also known as dirt devils, pick up small debris and cause minimal damage compared to tornadoes that have strong winds and cause more damage. Tuesday's giant gustnado was so unique Jayden Warren, 13, had to capture it.

"I saw it forming and it just kept going to the right," said Warren.

Warren was outside shooting some hoops when the enormous dirt devil came through his neighborhood.

"Every time I see something cool or something to help me remember, I'll video tape it," said Warren.

Warren added he wasn't scared of the gustnado.

"It wasn't coming from behind so I knew if it was coming towards me, I could go inside," said Warren.

Severe weather in West Texas can get unique. Something could look like a tornado but isn't. Always remember to use caution and if you want to record it, like Jayden did, make sure you get inside.

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