National Weather Service assessing damage after storm

National Weather Service assessing damage after storm

WEST ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Communities across West Texas are still picking up the pieces with at least two tornadoes touching down in Upton and Mitchell County with high winds and dropping up to quarter sized hail.

Officials say dozens of power poles were ripped out of the ground or simply knocked over, leaving communities without electricity.

Severe weather battered the Basin. Downed power lines closed roads as storms rolled through.

On Wednesday, the National Weather Service was still hard at work, despite the storm being over.

"The post event may include a team that goes out to areas that receive damage," said Greg Murdoch, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Midland.

Despite two tornadoes, the NWS says those counties didn't receive the most damage. Instead, they went out to Glasscock County. Those residents saw a line of thunderstorms Tuesday night, causing wind damage.

"The teams will be getting with the local emergency officials over there and looking for wind damage, either through power poles and power lines, things like that, that give a good indication of the wind speed," said Murdoch.

Murdoch said the surveys help to better understand the local weather and provide the public with more knowledge on what is going on around them.

"We need to document for historical purposes, cases of severe weather, so we can learn from past cases for future cases that may be similar," said Murdoch.

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