What to do when foods are recalled

What to do when foods are recalled

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Recalls happen every single day and when you hear of one all you have to do is take it back to the retailer.

At Market Street, guest services will take care of it for you.

Eaten or not, you will get a refund.

"Generally I think people just end up disposing of it at home," Corporate Dietitian, Karleigh Jurek said. "But if you do want your money back, that is something that we are happy to do here at market street. We do wanna ensure the safety of all of our guests so if you wanna bring that product back, you are welcome to it just depends on the guest."

There is someone internally monitoring all of the recalls that go through the Food and Drug Administration.

The store then pulls the product off the shelves immediately.

So what foods should you look out for?

"Most often its a lot of the center store items so things like cereals theres been recalls on products that are claiming to be gluten free but there using regular flour," Jurek said. "A lot of times on the meat whether its not been handled correctly. Even icecream, we had that big recall on the Bluebell icecream, it just depends, but generally it'll be in the frozen food section, the center store section or the meat department."

Since food recalls happen often it is not something to always worry about unless it poses a serious health hazard.

"So even a lot of the recalls are voluntary from the manufacturers just to be on the safe side so there isn't an outbreak of any food borne illness so a lot of times those recalls are voluntary as a precaution," Jurek said.

If there is a recall and you've eaten the product already, Jurek said those most at risk are children, elderly, or pregnant women.

If you do want to keep track of the recalls that happen everyday you can go to foodsafety.gov.

You can then sign up for text alerts and get continuous updates on any product that has been recalled.

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