No account information leaked in Complex Community Federal Credit Union website hacking

No account information leaked in Complex Community Federal Credit Union website hacking

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Early Monday morning, members at the Complex Community Federal Credit Union Bank noticed something different when they tried to go to the bank's website. They saw a black screen with a message from the hacker.

When the staff found out this had happened to their website, they immediately got to work.

"The first move was to take down the website and make sure that everything was secure and we could figure out exactly what happened," said Lisa Wyman with Complex Community Federal Credit Union.

After looking into what happened, the bank was able to relax after making sure none of their member's information was stolen.

They say this is thanks to the website itself.

"Our website is if you think of it kind of as a newspaper. It tells you where our branches are, when we're open. There's some blogs on there and some good information and it's a portal by which a member can actually get to their account but the account information does not actually exist on the website," said Wyman.

The bank says this is the first time anything has ever happened to their website, but they picked this particular type of website to make sure that no account information could be stolen during these types of attacks.

"We actually have our website housed in a different state on a different set of servers particularly for this reason. To make sure that if something ever did happen to the newspaper side of our operation, that member information is completely secure," Wyman said.

Complex Community wants to let their members know what to do if they ever find themselves the target of one of these online attacks.

"I think what the community at large needs to know is if you have any kind of account where you're interacting on a website to enter information that is personal in nature, if there's something different about that website, stop. Make the phone call, email somebody and say, "Hey, what's going on here?" said Wyman.

The bank tells us they are looking into seeing just who did this attack. They hope to have some kind of information soon.

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