Permian Basin hosts fifth Texas Tech spring scrimmage

Permian Basin hosts fifth Texas Tech spring scrimmage

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The land of Friday night lights was officially Raider Nation, as the Texas Tech Red Raiders invaded Grande Communications Stadium for their fifth annual spring scrimmage on Saturday.

"It's very neat to be able to come support Texas Tech like if you're on the campus," said Tech alum Gorge Salinas. "That's what I like about it."

That's just what the Red Raider faithful did Saturday, as hundreds, if not thousands, piled into the parking lot of Grande Communications before pouring into the seats.

Although it's not at the exact level of a gameday in Lubbock, it's pretty close.

"They come out, starting as of last night," said Salinas. "Start parking, people will bring their grills, oh yeah, absolutely. It's a lot bigger than I thought and it's gotten bigger every year."

A few Red Raiders hail from the Permian Basin, one of them, Taylor Nunez, was a quarterback and returned for one more time in front of the old faithful.

He added that the fan turnout to events like this, always surprises him.

"I mean I just think it's awesome how fans are all over the place," said Nunez. "From just west Texas alone, I know when we went to the Holiday bowl, we had tons of fans there and I was just surprised by that as well. It's really cool to see that Tech fans are all over the place, all over the country."

"It felt good to come out here and just play on this field again," said former Permian player and current Texas Tech defensive back Des Smith. "Brought back a lot of old memories, a lot of new experiences with my new team. I had a lot of fun."

But in the end, the fans were present for the main show.

"Ah, just to see what they're going to look like this year, honestly," said Salinas.

The Red Raiders continue their scrimmage tour next week in Frisco.

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