Local rescue group assisting dog with getting a prosthetic leg

Local rescue group assisting dog with getting a prosthetic leg

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - When you interact with "Bronco" a 13-year-old border collie he can leave a lasting impression.

Cheryl Trotter, a founding member of Border Collie Rescue and Rehab said, "He is super sweet"

But life hasn't always worked out for man's best friend. His story began nine years ago when he made his way to Odessa High School badly injured.

"He was dragging his hind leg. He'd been shot with a pellet gun and he still has pellets in him today. He had puncture marks from other dogs getting into fights with him," said Trotter.

Vets had to amputate Broncos leg. Fast forward to June 2016, Bronco was given a new foster home with Trotter.

"We built a little ramp coming out of the dog door onto the patio. He comes in and out of the dog door just like all the others," said Trotter

Knowing what Bronco goes through daily, Trotter revealed for almost a year it's been nothing but trying to come up with solutions. One of which is a prosthetic leg from a 3D printing company in Denver.

"They had to take cast from mid-torso all the way down so that they could create a mold and send to Pawsthetics so that they would know what his body was like so they could design it perfectly for his body," said Trotter

A perfect fit would mean a "paw"-sitive outlook for Bronco's future. If you would like to donate and help Bronco receive his new leg you can visit: http://www.bcrrt.com

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