Midland College Math Department preparing student's for success

Midland College Math Department preparing student's for success

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Several years ago Midland College partnered with the Dana Center.

They were one of the nine schools chosen for the creation of new curriculum.

Now, Alma Brannan, Math Lab coordinator, gets to travel and go to workshops to speak about what's happening in Texas.

"There were two schools at the same time that implemented this new pathway idea completely in the state of Texas and so we've kind of been a leader in changing how things have been done," Brannan said.

The new curriculum has been appreciated by students and faculty at Midland College has received a great deal of positive feedback from the students in the math department.

"The comments we're getting from the students are things like 'I didn't think I could ever do math, but this math makes sense to me," Branna said. "And that doesn't indicate in any way that it isn't as rigorous as what we've always done, it's just the math that they need for their career choice."

Instead of making all students take algebra or a certain Math class, they now have the choice of taking different classes that will better their future for whatever career they decide.

Faculty at Midland College also developed the tutoring tool "Ed ready."

This tool helps students for both the Texas Success Initiative and Accuplacer assessments.

The TSI must be passed in order to prepare for college level math courses, while if you pass the accuplacer assessment you can skip through first level courses.

"It gives them a chance to study before they come in and take the test instead of just walking in cold and taking the exam," Dr. Sonya Ford professor and chair of Math, Physics and Engineering said.

Midland college has offered other study tools for these assessments, but this is the first time they are offering ed ready.

"Ed ready provides students with tutorials on the types of problems that there going to see on those assessments," Ford said. "So they have an opportunity to practice problems and they also have an opportunity to watch videos and to see tutorials of the types of problems that there going to see."

If you are a student at MC wanting to get the new too, all you have to do is go to the college's website.

You can then create an account and log in completely free.

Creating an account allows you to save your progress so you can go back and work on it anytime you'd like instead of completing it all in one session.

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