Special Report: Paralyzed Midland mother raising money for stem cell procedure

Special Report: Paralyzed Midland mother raising money for stem cell procedure

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - "Everyday getting to be with her is a blessing," said Brandy Lee, a Midland mother who is paralyzed.

Little Bailey Lee has only ever known her mother, Brandy, in a wheelchair. It's something Brandy is working hard to change.

"My faith hasn't wavered. It's a trial that I'm being put through," said Brandy.

Brandy was paralyzed in an accident while pregnant two and a half years ago. Miraculously, both Brandy and Bailey survived and she gave birth about six months later. The Lee family, including Brandy's husband, Demetrius, consider themselves lucky, though they admit it's been tough.

"We've had some struggles in the past year," said Demetrius.

"It's hard not being able to get up as often as I would like, like everyday. Having to stay in bed sometimes make me feel isolated," said Brandy.

Brandy had surgery last year which has left her bedridden for most of the year. But she hasn't ever lost hope to walk again and some online research presented her with an opportunity.

"Doing research every so often, I get on there and look up treatments for spinal cord injuries and the last time I did a website came up for 'Stem Cells of America,'" said Brandy.

'Stem Cells of America' performs the stem cell treatments on patients with a wide variety of conditions and injuries, including ones on the spinal cord. They inject stem cells into the body in a very quick procedure, which can identify damaged cells and try to restore them. It's got the Lee family optimistic.

"They have had people that have had multiple levels regained from their spine and so there's a big possibility that I'll be able to move my fingers again and be be able to stand up and walk," said Brandy.

"I'm excited just knowing that there's immediate improvement with this procedure, so I'm excited to see how much she improves after the procedure is complete," said Demetrius.

But before she can get the procedure, the family needs to raise the money for it. As you can imagine, it's not cheap. $20,000 and they'll have to fly to San Diego, where the clinic will then take them to and from Tijuana, Mexico, to have the procedure done because the FDA hasn't approved it in the United States.

"We started a 'Go Fund Me' page for $25,000 to help cover the cost of the procedure and to cover the expenses to get there and back," said Brandy.

They've also opened a beneficiary account at My Community Credit Union to help as well. The Lee's say they're overwhelmed by the support.

"This community has been behind us throughout this whole ordeal so we feel truly blessed," said Demetrius.

Even the Midland Police Department, who Demetrius works for, is stepping up and giving a donation. Brandy says she's eternally grateful.

"I'm thankful for every person that's donated no matter what the amount is. Everyone means more to me than I could ever tell," said Brandy.

If you'd like to help the Lee family out, you can donate to their Go Fund Me account. Click here to visit the donation page.

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