City of Odessa offering Flow Yoga for first time

City of Odessa offering Flow Yoga for first time

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - After much interest from Odessa residents, the city decided to offer something new, a flow yoga class.

The purpose is to promote a healthier and active lifestyle.

"We wanted to bring something to the public that engaged them in some kind of healthy activity just to provide them with something to do, something to relax them," Cori Branscum, Parks and Recreation Coordinator said.

Yoga will strengthen your abilities by increasing flexibility, endurance and focus.

The 8-week program is offered to all levels of fitness for those who want to improve wellness.

"Instructors are really good about engaging in what you're able to do," Branscum said. "So if there's something you're not able to do there not gonna push you to a limit that you're not comfortable with, but they're gonna engage you to what you can do."

The program is also being offered for commitment, so if you are serious about getting on track with your health, this program is a way to hold you accountable.

Bringing your own yoga blocks, straps and mats are encouraged for anyone that attends.

The program is $80 or you can drop in for $15 per class starting March 21 through May 9.

It's not too late to register.

You can go to the Parks Administration Office at 1100 W. 42nd street or online at

If you are dropping in, you can register before each class.

The classes are being held at the Lawndale Community Center at 9201 Rainbow Drive.

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