Midland I.S.D. discusses with community on what they want in their next superintendent

Midland I.S.D. discusses with community on what they want in their next superintendent

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland Independent School District has been facing challenges over the past year. But the board said it's all about providing a better outcome for the district's future.

They're still in the process of working toward their goal to finding a permanent superintendent. After choosing a superintendent search firm, they're taking a step closer to getting applicants for the spot.

The board held a meeting Tuesday discussing the superintendent search firm's leadership profile. This is used to act as a job requirement so applicants can review what's needed.

Members of the community have told us in the past that they were looking for someone with a background in education, someone who is willing to collaborate with others, someone who is approachable and available for parents and teachers to discuss district concerns.

The Midland Chamber of Commerce discussed with the community at the 2017 State of Education about those challenges but said they believe the district will only get better.

"We've got a lot of confidence in our school system even though it's struggling at the moment," said CEO Midland Chamber of Commerce, Bobby Burns. "We know there's a way to make it better. I think the business community is stepping up to help. They're all coming together. No excuses, let's go make it happen."

After voting to close Crockett Elementary School due to low academic performance Monday night, the district will have to plan out the next school year by moving students and teachers.

"We've got a school that's not performing to the level the state wants and the board wants," said Burns. "And certainly not our community wants. I think our community is saying, 'Explain to us Mr. Superintendent, explain to us Mr. President. Let's get to work and work together to fix this problem.'"

If the plans fall into place, a superintendent can be chosen by next school year.

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