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Javelina sightings reported at Comanche Trail Park in Odessa

(Source: National Park Service) (Source: National Park Service)

If you plan on visiting Comanche Trail Park soon, be sure to keep an eye out. Several javelina sightings have been reported in the last couple of weeks, as many as seven have been seen in a herd.

"If you do encounter them, please just turn around and walk away from them," said Cpl. Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department.

One to seven javelinas have been reported sighted at once.

"Usually they're not aggressive, unless they get cornered, they have been known to attack people but like I said, usually if you do see them they will run away," said LeSueur.

Brushy areas is what's bringing them here. The pasture is a good food source and doubles as a hiding place.

"Comanche Trail Park is a very nice place, unfortunately it's also nice for animals,” said LeSueur. “So sometimes we experience aggressive animals that come into it. We live in West Texas so it's not uncommon for other aggressive animals to come into the city limits occasionally."

No injuries or attacks have been reported but they're still out there. Javelinas have stayed one step ahead of animal control and have gotten away after each sighting.

"The last one that happened was a child approached them [javelinas] and they attacked the child," said LeSueur.

Sightings of any animal that appears to be aggressive should be reported to Odessa Animal Control (OAC) at (432) 368-3527.

OAC said you may want to watch out for the javelina traps they've set up along some trails. No other javelina sightings have been reported in the Permian Basin.

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