Little Caesars employee feeds homeless

Little Caesars employee feeds homeless

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - We showed you the picture on our Facebook recently of a man feeding a Midland homeless man while at work.

We caught up with the man who was feeding the man, who said he does it all for the man upstairs.

"Whenever I see them, the love just starts pouring out," said Little Caesars employee Gabriel Hernandez. "So I'm quick to just go reach."

Hernandez works at a Little Caesars in Midland, and was recently seen in a picture feeding a Midland homeless man.

He said this isn't the only time he's done this, and it's not for personal gain.

"The second commandment is love your neighbor," said Hernandez. "We see a lot of people who are like, 'Well, what is your neighbor?' Your neighbor is just like people who are homeless, people who are depressed, so it goes for everybody."

Hernandez said when he does give to the less fortunate, it's not just pizza he's exchanging.

"Whether it's food or whether it's giving them life through Jesus," said Hernandez. "My heart is that everybody that I encounter are whole, heart, spirit and body. Not just feeding them physically but feeding them spiritually."

To those who may be in a similar situation as the man Hernandez fed, he wants to tell you something.

"Jesus loves you," Hernandez said. "It's all just revealing to him. Everything points up to him. That's what I always point to. Is first Jesus, everything."

Hernandez said he will continue to feed the needy both physically and spiritually, even if no one is watching.

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