CAF Car Show

   Well it wasn't just aircraft in the high sky wing today. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles were all displayed for a good cause.

The show allowed members of the community to compete for trophies under categories for first, second and

third place. The car show originally started as a mustang car show in the past, but they are opening their doors to even more models.

The vehicles were judged today under the categories from people's choice, best of show, best restoration, rarest, and best in category.

The money raised benefits the museum. They say it's to not only keep their airplanes flying, but to keep the museum's history alive.

"The stories that people tell us that they know from their relatives and all that's going on but we keep our airplanes flying to let

people today know what it took to win the war to keep us the way we are today," says Greg Gutting.

The museum's next fundraiser will be held next month for their hops and props event. If you'd like to visit the museum, they are open on Saturdays

from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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