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Odessa Police Academy recruits learn basic Spanish in training

Odessa Police Department. (Source: KWES) Odessa Police Department. (Source: KWES)

In the state of Texas, police recruits are required to complete 16 hours of basic Spanish during their time in the academy.

This training is to help them learn basic Spanish words they will hear every day.

"A big part of this class is officer safety, so right now, we're actually playing through scenarios to kind of teach us how to react to certain situations that we come in contact with someone with a language barrier," said Odessa Police Academy recruit, Tyler Williams.

Acting out these different scenarios is a way for the recruits to pick up on certain words they should be aware of.

Knowing certain words like pistol, knife or attack can be the difference in life or death in some situations.

"We just watched a video about a deputy that didn't know Spanish and he was actually attacked and the people that attacked him were talking about attacking him right in front of him. He had no idea, so it's very important, very key to our job," said Williams.

The Odessa Police Academy recruits will graduate on June 22.

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