Fasken Elementary parent voices her opinion on move to a potential open Crockett campus

Fasken Elementary parent voices her opinion on move to a potential open Crockett campus

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - For Patricia Hernandez, her child's experience at Fasken Elementary is one of a typical six-year-old, great.

"Our kids are truly, truly thriving there," said Hernandez.

So, hearing the news that overcrowding at Fasken could lead her child along with hundreds of others to Crockett Elementary if it is voted to be closed at the end of the year by the district has been a little concerning.

"There are long-term effects for a child that moves around a lot," said Hernandez.

It's the constant re-zoning, especially for families like Hernandez's in the 349 corridor. The Midland Independent School district said the overcrowding was caused by something they didn't see coming.

Rick Davis, Midland I.S.D Board of Trustees President said, "They're in a fast growth neighborhood, in fact they've grown faster than anyone anticipated. We've got professional consultants that estimated the population growth and they were too low."

Davis added the Crockett Elementary campus would be just for the students in the 349-attendance zone. Whether it's potential traffic or safety issues that may come up if the students are moved, Hernandez believed there are other options the board should consider.

"It might take having to push for bonds to renovate our old schools. It might take having to make another middle school where our sixth graders can move into the middle schools to free up some of those elementary schools. It might take re-zoning the entire city again to accommodate all the new families that are coming in."

Davis said if the district moved the kids from the 349-boundary area to an open Crockett campus, they would receive a new name and group of teachers. The public will be able to offer their opinion at the next board meeting on Monday.

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