Stanton men sell out Tractor Supply for Panhandle Victims

Stanton men sell out Tractor Supply for Panhandle Victims

STANTON, TX (KWES) - When Kelly Stovall and Geremy Moore decided to go to their local Tractor Supply in Stanton to take fencing donations for those in the Panhandle, they had no idea they'd see so much support.

"It was a God thing for us. Everybody suffering up north so God spoke to our hearts to get something started," Moore said.

What started out as a Facebook post on the Elite Hunter's Facebook page, turned into so much more.

"We were expecting ya know, 3, 4, $5,000 or so and it's absolutely blown up," said Moore.

Since the post on Saturday, Tractor Supply has completely sold out of the fencing materials they are looking for.

"We bought everything out of Big Spring, Stanton, Midland and Odessa. All the Tractor Supply for the fencing that we're looking for," Moore said.

On Thursday morning, Geremy loaded up a trailer with concrete donated by Shorty's and water donated by Kent Kwik to take up to the Canadian area in the Panhandle.

"Ya know, the Panhandle is our neighbor up north that has been truly affected by these fires and we just wanted to do our part to help that neighboring community," said Meredith Bright with Kent companies.

Although this is just a start to get the rancher's back on their feet, Geremy says if he is needed, he will volunteer his time to take more donations to the Panhandle.

"We're Texans, we all stick together, that's the way it is," Moore said.

Shorty's Rental and Feed store along with Tractor Supply are still taking donations. Shorty's has also set up a bank account for those who wish to make a monetary donation at Commercial State Bank in Midland. 

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