Local Uber driver talks about possible regulation changes

Local Uber driver talks about possible regulation changes

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - For Amber Bird, becoming an Uber driver in Midland was easy.

"Once they do the background check they send you an email saying you're ready to drive," said Bird.

Some of the things she had to do were: offer proof of insurance, tell them what car she was driving, pictures of her driver's license and registration; but no fingerprints.

The issue the Texas Senate panel is dealing with is changing the rules cities have over the ride sharing companies. Most notably fingerprinting. Bird like most drivers believe fingerprinting can be a hassle for drivers.

"You're going to have to go to some place whether it be the jail or the court house to have your fingerprint on file," said Bird.

Bird added as a driver she has no idea about who she's picking up besides the name that requested her.

"There should be at least something to where I'm not picking up crazy James down the street," said Bird.

As of now, the Senate Business & Commerce Committee hasn't decided on making any changes to regulations for the ride sharing companies. Bird said she wouldn't mind having to do a fingerprint if it were to ever be a law.

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