Several lady bulldog power lifters heading to state

Several lady bulldog power lifters heading to state

A group of talented ladies are literally using their strength to bring a unique sport into the spotlight at Midland High.

Girls power lifting has taken over the school, and its giving these female powerhouse the chance to break the mold.

"The stereotype on it is like girls have to be humongous and kind of look manlyish I guess but really, it's really whoever wants to do it." Says Ruby Bejano

"They're special because their not just power lifters, they're multi sport athletes. We've got several girls out who throw shot and discus. We have a couple volleyball players this year. They're just coming in here and getting to work like the guys and working out getting stronger and hopefully that transfers over into their other sports." Says Midland High Power Lifting Coach Michael Battenhausen

For a group of established athletes,  the individual focus that comes with power-lifting has brought fourth a level of competition the girls haven't experience before.

"it's a lot less stressful I think because it's a slower pace than if you were able to do basketball or track and so you get to focus more on what you're doing." Says Syndey Stephens

"It's not as faced paced and it's more like you're testing your own body's limit, not your team's limit." Says Mia Rivera

The team continues to prepare for the state competition, but they've already proved that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Six girls will be going to the state competition.

The 6A state competition will be Saturday in Waco, Texas.

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