Family starts petition to support bill preventing domestic violence

Family starts petition to support bill preventing domestic violence
Monica Deming (Source: Brooks Landgraf Press Office)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The family of an Odessa woman, killed because of domestic violence, is doing everything possible for change.

"Monica's Law" was filed by State Representative Brooks Landgraf, just a few weeks ago. The bill proposes to make an online database, listing protective orders, in connection to domestic violence.

Monica Deming's family has started a petition to help get the bill passed. The petition was started by Monica's big sister, Jenny Dorsey. In just about two days, it has over 1,000 supporters but Jenny said they want many more. Their goal with this petition is to show the community support in hopes of getting the bill passed as a law.

"Monica was perpetually smiling," said Monica's dad, Jon Nielsen. That's how Nielsen remembers her.

Monica was stalked then shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend after she broke up with him. What she didn't know was there were already two protective orders filed against him for domestic violence.

Nielsen said his daughter Jenny's effort of starting a petition in support of the bill is a great idea.

"Of course it needs support to become a law and I think if people are aware of this as it moves through the legislative procedure then it'll gain support from other legislatures in Austin," said Nielsen.

Nielsen said he spent two hours reading all of the reasons people left for signing the petition. Many domestic violence victims themselves, agreeing the potential law can save a life.

"I haven't heard a single negative thing about it, what could one really object to on it? Out of all of the over thousand people who have signed the petition so far and not one single one has questioned the law," said Nielsen.

We called the office of Representative Brooks Landgraf and told him about the petition. In a statement Rep. Landgraf said, "I filed Monica's Law to prevent domestic violence and to honor Monica's memory and her family's loss. I'm pleased to see the effort to gather signatures and outpouring of support for Monica's Law. I'll proudly deliver every signature to each member of the committee so they can see the broad support this bill has in Odessa and across Texas."

"Well of course there's nothing we can do to bring Monica back but maybe someone else could be saved, even one person," said Nielsen. "In Monica's case, we lost a daughter and a little boy lost his mother."

The petition will be delivered to the Texas House of Representatives. To sign the petition, click here.

Monica's law was only filed a few weeks ago along with thousands of other bills. It will next be referred to a committee, that will have a hearing on it. No word on when that may be.

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