Fifth-generation Midland rancher keeps beef local

Fifth-generation Midland rancher keeps beef local

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland ranching family aims to change the meat industry. They're keeping it local and natural.

"This was a cattle town, before it was a oil town," said John Scharbauer, owner of Midland Meat Company. "The idea of having fresh meat is lost. We are trying to bring it back."

In a country where it's all about fast and convenient, the Scharbauer family is bringing back the basics.

"One steak at Midland Meat Company is about a three year process," said Scharbauer. "People want to know what they are eating. They are looking for a healthier option, healthier diet. They want all natural products."

The Midland Meat Company opened its doors more than a year ago with the idea of bringing Midlanders natural beef. The Scharbauer's oversee everything from ranch to market, something almost unheard of in smaller cities.

"You see this more in the metropolitan areas like Dallas and Austin, but here in West Texas, I think, we are about the only ones that do this," said General Manager, Adrian Vargas.

The Scharbauer's have owned their ranch since the late 1800's. The family used to sell their cattle live, not knowing where they end up.

"It's not just something that you can throw on a conveyor belt and produce overnight," said Scharbauer.

Now, they are trying to change the market and do what many ranchers have shied away from.

"That way is coming back. That was the old way of doing things," said Scharbauer. "At the end of the day, if you don't get to enjoy them and while you are raising them and other people around you don't get to experience the quality and the work that you are putting into them, then it's just another truck driving down the highway."

Two local cooks just used the Scharbauer's meat in cook-off competitions in San Antonio and Houston. They took home first and second.

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