Midland I.S.D. talks about decision to possibly close Crockett Elementary

Midland I.S.D. talks about decision to possibly close Crockett Elementary

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It could be an unprecedented move for the Midland Independent School District.

Rick Davis, President of Midland ISD's Board of Trustees said "I've been on the school board almost eight years and during my time and I don't know if it's ever happened in MISD's history but it certainly needs to happen now."

A vote by Davis and others on the board could close the doors of Crockett Elementary permanently affecting over 400 students, staff and faculty.

"The folks at Crockett have tried very hard to get out of their Improvement Required status with their student outcome performance. We appreciate their efforts very much but it's all about results," said Davis.

The Texas Education Agency listed Crockett as an IR campus for six years in a row. This information along with others was shared with parents of students at the elementary school in a meeting with the interim superintendent.

"There are some that are perfectly happy at Crockett and they don't want to see a change. They want their students to remain at Crockett," said Davis.

Davis added the final decision on Crockett Elementary would come at a meeting on Monday. It's a choice that officials hope follows their mission for every student.

"We hope to not have any more improvement required campuses next year or after. That's our goal, that's what we believe should happen," said Davis.

Davis said that if the board goes through with closing Crockett Elementary then the students would be transferred five minutes from here to either DeZavala Elementary or Milam. He added the teachers would be transferred throughout the district.

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