Modern hydration method gaining momentum in Midland

Modern hydration method gaining momentum in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Spring Break is in full swing and one Midland company is already feeling the effects. Many people are turning to IV drip system that helps them get hydrated to get energized.

An IV re-hydration system is something fairly new to the Permian Basin and many are starting to take advantage of it.

"During Spring Break you have people going out, exhausting themselves in the heat, going on hikes, theme parks, maybe drinking a little too much," said ProSource Hydration owner, Dustin Parks.

That's OK because there's an easy fix and it's perfectly safe.

"We do have to go through health code violations and make sure we are up to date," said Parks.

Parks is trained and EMT certified. A medical director is on site signing off on all medications and procedures. You just sign a waiver and get hydrated.

"I've been struggling with allergies quite a bit lately," said Sean Aaron, a first timer trying the hydration treatment. "Especially after the smoke coming down last week from Amarillo, I've been suffering quite a bit."

Sean was inclined to try the system after his wife, Dana, tried it three months ago.

"I felt more clarity, I didn't have the foggy head feeling I have been having a lot lately and a lot more energy," said Dana Aaron. "I had been getting over a respiratory infection and that really seemed to help getting over that faster."

After a consultation, Parks will determine which hydration solution is best for you, you can also choose to get a shot of medication that'll help any pains or nausea.

This is something frequently used by athletes needing a quick recovery.

"Just having more energy, that's the biggest thing I'm looking forward to is just having some energy," said Sean.

When asked what he plans to do with the energy Sean said, "Play baseball with the boys."

We're told the effect can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. This is currently the only hydration company in the Permian Basin.

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