Dead trout seen floating in pond due to warm weather changes

Dead trout seen floating in pond due to warm weather changes

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - When warm weather hits, there comes time to do outdoor activities, like fishing. But at Beal Park, it might take a little longer when it comes to reeling in trout.
Trout have been spotted floating in the water.

"We actually were having some problems this winter but got everything tested out before we stocked it this time. Unfortunately, we think it got a little too warm a little too fast," said Sara Bustilloz with the City of Midland.

Two times out of the year, the City of Midland stocks their ponds. During the winter, they get stocked with trout as they survive in temperatures typically between 55 to 60 degrees. But once the weather changes, so does their life span.

"Rainbow trout are cold water species so they do well when the water is cold and we stock those in the winter time to provide people a unique opportunity to fish," said Lynn Wright with Texas Parks and Wildlife. "They don't persist in the summer time when the water warms up. So when it starts getting over 70, they become a little stressed, a little lethargic."

The pond was stocked back in February with about 1,500 fish. The city said fisherman will just have to wait a little longer until they receive even more catfish this summer. There's no set date on when the fish will be restocked. We're told catfish should still be in the pond since they can typically survive during the winter. The Texas Parks and Wildlife said Beal Park will stock 400 9-inch channel catfish sometime this year.

The city said in past years during this time, most of the fish have already been harvested and fished out.

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