Odessa resident reacts to recent severe weather

Odessa resident reacts to recent severe weather

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Some Odessa Residents report last nights storms lasting anywhere between five and 20 minutes with hail measuring up to about the size of a pea in Odessa.

For Rosalinda Lomas, who has lived of her life in Odessa, these storms seem to be more common.

"Last night it was terrifying with the winds that we saw," said Lomas. "The hailing and just the severity, how bad it was, how it hit us here. We were not expecting the hail to rain on us the way it did, because it was actually raining hail. That fear of always knowing whether or not you're going to be ok."

But despite the frequency, she said she always has at least one thing on her mind.

"Look for shelter, stay in, don't drive," said Lomas. "Don't go out to Wal-Mart, don't go to the mall. Stay home, stay home. Like I said, if you have small children, you know, do it for them, to keep them safe."

Despite the severe weather her and her family see here in west Texas, she said they haven't considered leaving.

"It's rare," said Lomas. "It does change, weather changes day by day. But I think it's something that we already got used to it. I think everyone in this location can say, you know, why move, we're already used to it, this is west Texas."

Lomas added that despite the hard hail fall last night, her home, vehicles and family are all OK.

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