Members of different faiths gather at local church in support of immigrants

Members of different faiths gather at local church in support of immigrants

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Immigration is a hot topic throughout the country, and Midland residents gathered together Saturday night to show their support for those affected.

"The Rhetoric and actions taken against immigrants are an America I don't recognize," said concerned citizen Alfredo Chaparo. "So I stand up."

It's not usual when you'll find people of so many different faiths in one church on a Saturday night, unless the message they're trying to send is the same.

"I think we have to realize that at the end, we are all human beings and we have to reach out to each other," said Internal Medicine Physician Padmaja Patel. "Every scenario, every struggle, every challenge that we come across, we are united and that's the feeling we need to get from here."

A child of immigrants himself, Chaparo organized the event in hopes to help people understand the actions against some immigrants is unfair. He said he hopes people will stand up, in many different ways.

"If you are an artist, draw about the injustice. If you are a writer, write about the injustice. If you are an attorney, defend those who are having injustices done to them. If you are a person of prayer, pray."

Chaparo added that while asking others to join the vigil, he noticed one strikingly similar thing .

"Although the services are in different languages, I understood the word Amen," said Chaparo. "I heard it at every service that I went to. Sometimes, we think we are very different, but we are very alike as well."

The event had many different religions represented, candle light vigils, prayers and ended with the singing of America The Beautiful.

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